Sunday, August 21, 2011

Days 4 and 5, Things that make me laugh

"I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it's the thing I like most, to laugh. It cures a multitude of ills. It's probably the most important thing in a person."
Audrey Hepburn

There's a lot to laugh about in New York. I haven't always been quick enough on the draw to capture on camera all the funny things I've seen, but here are a few.

I have to use this one again.... The pug wearing the orange socks.
Which reminds me of something that once gave me a real belly laugh. A sign in the cafeteria window read: "Shoes are required to eat in the cafeteria." And scribbled in pencil below was this: "However, socks may eat wherever they wish."

YouTube Video

The musician in this video is always in the park, usually singing children's songs. He laughs a lot between songs, at nothing in particular. He declined to give me his name, but he was willing to sing Audrey's and my favorite song, Moon River. We had an odd sort of conversation at the conclusion of the video which made me include him in the group of New Yorkers that I respectfully call, The Delightfully Deranged.

I couldn't resist using this photo. I stood gazing at this statue in the store window with a big grin on my face until finally an elderly-looking salesperson came outside and engaged me in conversation. "What is it? I asked, laughing out loud. "Art, that's what it is," the man replied. "What's it made of? I asked. "Don't know that lady, but I know this: that it's a $3000.00 piece of genuine art." "Genuine?" I asked. "Yep, it is. Would you like for me to wrap it up for you, lady?" "No, not today, but I'll think about it," I said laughing as I left.
So, I'll go home and think about it. Well, you know how much I love art, don't you.? Especially if it's genuine.!!!

Some other window displays that made me laugh.

This photo was taken inside the fabulous FAO Swartz toy store. Build your own Muppet. If I had had an extra $99.00 I would have bought one because they all made me laugh. The price sorta made me laugh too!!

This pair cracked me up. I wish I had gotten a video of them when they first saw each other.

And this photo of Audrey and James Garner on the set of The Children's Hour makes me laugh.

My friends, I dearly hope that you can find much to laugh about in your days. It sure beats dwelling on all the negative news and the blistering heat.
Thank you, Audrey, for laughing and smiling a lot. To see you smile makes me smile; to see you laugh nearly makes me cry because of the joy you have brought to others.
"It was only a sunny smile...but it scattered the night like morning light, and made the day worth living."
Goodnight all.
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  1. Is this how it's done? Well then, Miss Anna, I am enjoying your blog very much.

  2. Anna - Enjoyed our walk around town! i did laugh ...a lot! How is the pie? Can't wait for the next day.

  3. dear anna i hope each day is better than the last